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Goulburn Historic Waterworks getting ready to launch Educational Program

Staff and volunteers at the Goulburn Historic Waterworks are in the process of planning an extensive educational program. Museum supervisors will provide hands-on activities for school students in grades Kindergarten to Year Six.

“The Waterworks site is an ideal location for students to learn about a unique part of Goulburn’s history” said Julianne Salway, Waterworks Museum Officer for Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

The program, created by a locally based retired teacher, will provide activities based on Science, Geography, English and Maths. “We have a fabulous facility right here in Goulburn; The Waterworks is of state and national significance for its historic, cultural, industrial and scientific values” Julianne said. “It’s an excellent representative example of its type, and demonstrates the culmination of steam power technology in the late 1880’s, as well as the importance of establishing public water utilities in that era. We hope the program will encourage local schools to visit here instead of travelling to either Sydney or Canberra.”

The educational program will run free of charge, with all activities linked to NSW Board of Studies curriculums. Museum staff and volunteers, who have either expertise in the Waterworks site or are retired teachers, will guide activities. The educational program will include a tour of the Pumphouse Museum and utilise the Fireman’s Cottage and the café building.

The Waterworks is also fortunate to be situated in a beautiful natural environment, where students can enjoy morning tea or lunch and ‘let off some steam’ in the playground.

The program is due to open in early March, with schools invited to spend a day at the Historic Waterworks, situated off Fitzroy Street, later in the month.

Please note the launch is now due to take place in early May.


Mission Statement

Education will play a key part in:

– Promoting public awareness of the existence of the Museum and the nature and role of the Museum and its collection
– Encouraging the use of the Waterworks Museum and its collection by schools, tertiary institutions and youth and community groups.
– Making the Museum and its collection accessible to as wide an audience as possible.
– Enhancing visitors’ understanding of the subject matter of the Waterworks Museum
– Providing a range of leisure learning opportunities to the various sections of the museums audience

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