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Group Tours

Book your club or group in for a tour of the Waterworks. On a "non steaming" day you will be provided with a guide and will enjoy a short video and static display. On steaming days you will experience the working majesty of both engines from the late 1800s.  Booked group tours are $3.00 per person. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Waterworks site.

Private "steamings" can be arranged (subject to staff availability) at a cost of $485.00.  For a group of 50 people that works out at $9.70 per person.  

To Book:

Contact us on 02 4823 4448 so we can assist you with your next visit to the Waterworks. Alternatively email to

The Goulburn Visitor Information Centre can also assist and may be contacted on 02 4823 4492. Bring your friends with you on your next visit to the Waterworks!